Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some more couch surfing

"I should never leave myself logged-in on my brother's computer" - this is what he would say when he sees this post, written without his knowledge by his brother. "How nice of you to be my brother, and not some ill-fated stranger..."

Our great hero is at some R&R from his long and tiresome R&R in east Asia. He has been resting, playing some game consoles (Wii and PS2, for the time being, as the Xbox360 is out of order), and resting, as he prefers, on couches and beanbag chairs.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love her, Leave her

My Dear Raquel,

I was sitting at the restaurants table, surrounded by family. Only a while ago I succeeded in surprising them as I walked in on my newest member of the family's circumcision party. It was indeed a happy moment, seeing my parents, my brothers, my sister and my grandmother after all this time... if its One thing that I learned during my trip, is that I miss them, and seeing their faces as I showed up unexpectedly out of the blue was worth it.

But there I was, sitting at the restaurants table. Surrounded by my family.
And I was sad. I was so sad.

I felt as if I'm being shoved back into normality... you know... business as usual... However, it was too fast for me, too blinding. People were talking. Some were even talking to me. But I was too busy being sad, And for the first time since we parted Raquel, I cried.

Now I've been trying for a while now to write this post, But everytime I tried depicting my last days in Bangkok with you, I found it... lacking, over and again... How can I explain the bliss I've been sharing with you for those three enchanting days? How can I portray my sorrow for leaving you? How can anyone understand how incredibly deep our relationship was, even though we barely knew each-other? How can I tell you about the way I felt when we touched? The way we could share our thoughts, our past and our future as we were embracing, kissing for hours upon hours as if we were silly teenagers again, relishing on each others lips and never wanting to let go? How crazy would it sound to people to hear that I loved you from the bottom of my heart!? How crazy would it even sound to me?! or how sad I've become for not telling you that simple truth from when I had the chance, looking deeply into those pure glistening green eyes of yours, only seconds before you said good-bye and went your way.

oh, How sad I've become...

They can call it an infatuation. They can call it whatever they like. But it felt so good... so right... so unnatural...
It was beautiful...
You were beautiful...
And you loved me.

I'll never forget you Raquel Faus. You showed me that I can love again.



Tuesday, May 6, 2008

around the Islands with the Plights of young Werther

Due to relatively absurd Internet prices over at the islands, I was forced to go back to basics, and actually write my whole entire damn experience on these wretched abominations called paper. Most likely, as I now actually confirm it, as I would look at what I wrote once again in order to rewrite it on the computer, I would not understand my own handwriting. But sacrifices have to be made, and since my fable mind is already forgetting my plights since the last night of the Songkram holiday, I must write down any recollection I still have in this barbaric way of writing, even now, on this boat, in the middle of the night... funny isn't it?

...One thing I do remember. Under no circumstances there was any sex going on. Well, there was sex involved indeed. It was just that I wasn't in it in any of those times. But I'll complain about it later.

As I was dancing with a couple of lady-boyz and some questionably looking girls, Ofer announced that he Desires in some sleeping activity. It was indeed a long day, the last day of festivities of the Songkram, and Ofer and I were, well, pooped. However, I wasn't ready to call it a night, since I was in the mood for dancing (and more drinking), so I fared him well and moved on to the next event I had in my mind. What I didn't know, or never had the unpleasantness of knowing, is that a lone man walking in Kao-san area during night time is actually a walking prey for all the maladies lurking out there on the humid Bangkok streets. All I wanted to do is dance... Maybe find a nice girl who has the same taste in German literature and dance with her. What I found instead, at the Lava club,, were two unattractive yet over-enthusiastic Thai girls, whom with I caught their immediate attention. It didn't take long for me to be stuck, literally stuck, between their two throbbing bodies, bumping my own, to the gangsta beat. First I considered it as an innocent fun and I tagged along. The real problem emerged, or popped out you can say, as soon as I was beginning to feel, well, a bit excited in my lower brain. I felt it, they felt it, and I guess they got the wrong idea from that part... You see, these days, after a very long period of no actual sexual activity whatsoever, I tend to be a little more sensitive than the average man. I would get excited by staring at someone lacing his shoes, so how could have I stayed calm when these two Thai trolls were doing the wax-on wax-off stunt all over my poor delicate body?!

So, anyway, that downward activity gave them the wrong idea, and things were getting a bit to hot for my taste, so I backed off, little by little. 5 minutes later, I was on the other side of the club, hiding behind one of the beams, trying to dance discreetly (how can you dance discreetly?!). However, it didn't take long for them to find me, and repeat those butt thrusting movements on me. This cat and mouse maneuver continued for the next half hour, by which I was gradually getting pissed. Really pissed. My whole dancing mood had gone up in flames, so I decided on escaping completely from this disastrous turn of events. the next moment those Thai girls averted their eyes, I was already on my way up the flight of stairs that lead out of the night (mare) club.

My evening was trashed, so I decided on heading back to the hotel room and complain a bit about the whole matter to Ofer. However, as soon as I was on my very short way towards the hotel, I was all of a sudden being pulled by a small yet persistent hand of a white dressed hooker (boy?!, girl?!), who implored me to come sleep with her, or else. I had to drag myself all the way, with her clinging to my wrist as if her life depended on it.
I guess it wasn't my lucky night, no matter how you look at it. Although I did enjoy telling Ofer all of my misfortunes. I went to sleep satisfied in not being satisfied.

The day after, 16th of april. I bid Ofer farewell, since he was returning to Israel, and I hopped on the bus for Koh-Phangan.

I landed on the Island on a beautiful sunny day. In three days time there was going to be the famous Full-moon party, so I knew I had enough time to tour around a bit. I rented a bike immediately, even though I was encouraged by many Israelis to avoid doing so especially in Koh-phangan (scams and the like), but I made sure to video tape the whole of the bike, a sort of an insurance policy on my part. I then skimmed along the bay and up the mountains towards the main eastern area called "Haad-Rin", where the big party will be on.
Coming down from the mountainous road, I witnessed a remarkable view of the bay, a small patch of that was surrounded by a beautiful looking beach, where you could gaze at both sunrise and sunset without even walking (much).

It took me five minutes from the moment I entered the small town to bump in, once again, with 3 Israelis I've been with in Laos. After a quick rejoicing, I went down to business of finding a cheap degradable lodging. Luckily, I found one pretty easily, even though the fool-moon party was coming soon. All I had to do was to climb 57 steps (I counted) in the scorching heat each time I desired to get into my bungalow.

After a quick regrouping, I went down to the main beach, which was delightful and brimming with life. I took a stroll just to check out all the different activities going on. People were playing Frisbee or "Matka" across the whitish sand. Countless good looking girls were improving their tan, topless, sleeping on the sand or cooling themselves in the water. A group of people were contesting each other in an exciting match of soccer, while others were playing volley-ball. Everyone else were simply dotting the turquoise waters, bathing in the sea under the scorching sun. I went for a little swim, only to find the promising sea very uncomfortable due to sea lice, or Jelly-fish bites, whatever the hell was that (it was quite the debate at the time).
The day wore on as I was sitting peacefully on the warm sand, watching the day goes by slowly. After an evening meal with the Guys, I was led once again to the same beach, who apparently has been transformed into a giant club. I was welcomed by fire acrobats, swinging their burning poisons and sticks at a dazzling speed, while the air was putrid with the stench of the burning petrol. The spectators were OOhhing and AHHhing to different tricks being performed. Nearby, there was a limbo line, with the exception of that the stick was (like many other things in Koh-phangan apparently) on fire, and inoccent bystanders were more than welcomed to recieve their second degree burns in a single moment of foolishness. All along the beach, there were about 3 different sections, with different kinds of music, although basically with the same uplifting beat.

I was drawn to the Trance section, since I'm a bit of a sucker for a good rave, so for the rest of the evening I was hammering it out on the beach, digging my feet into the bottled filled sand to the sound of the beat, while drinking cheap beer that was bought at the local seven eleven, all while sweating like a raging baboon. It was fun. Although I didn't get a chance (or luck) to find myself a dancing partner, since, after all, Trance music is usually being danced alone, so at the end of the night, I was leaving the party pretty much the same as I came to it - Alone, but more drunk and depressed from all the stairs climbing I had to do to get to my room.

The following morning I bought a Sarong and headed for the beach for a full day of boiling in the sun. The results were remarkable - by the end of the day I was looking like a ripe tomato. I was also beginning to feel a bit light-headed and sick; It appeared that I caught some sort of virus that was roaming free throughout "Haad-Rin" streets, making a lot of people feeling light headed and sore-throated, but I hadn't given up,, and I just stuffed myself with whatever pills I culd get and drank hot tea all through the hot summers day.
Tanned and Grizzled

I was feeling good enough to do a bike tour throughout the island on the third day, first thing in the morning. The weather was great and the wind blowing on my face made me forget the fact that I was riding a piece of shit bike... for a while I was the bad ass biker with the shirt that says on the back "If you see this the bitch fell off". I was cruising the relatively small island, seeing lovely sights, going up and down steep gravel hills not designed for my tin can bike and arriving places which seem remote and desolate, yet holds a resort or two.
On my way back, I was ambushed by a flood rain, and in a few seconds time I was soaked as a sponge and sick once again. I returned to my bungalow, swallowed an armada of pills and headed for the beach to sweat it out with some volley-ball playing.

3 hours later, I was feeling better, or perhaps that was an illusion since I've felt now only my aching cramped muscles. That night was the night of the full moon and I was half dead even before it started.

10pm, after some sleep, me and my Hebrew crew were ready to face the infamous party. We were walking slowly, absorbing the mood that was becoming dominant as we were getting closer to the beach. Hundreds of people were walking beside us, shouting, singing, buckets of different sizes in their hands and glowing paint all over their body. Already people were becoming aggressively drunk. It was apparent that tonight was the night to take it all out, release any inhibitions and probably get laid while you're at it. And this was all prior to our arrival at the beach.

The beach itself was a bloody war zone. I don't know how many thousands of people were along the entire coast, but it was impressively crowded. It was impossible not to sweat... throbbing bodies were jumping up and down to the different beats along the shore, pressing against one another and creating enough body heat for a global warming crisis. At specific places it was unbearable to breath, so people were fleeing to the sea, next to the countless men and women who were peeing in the waters, making the shore acidic with ammonia.

It took me about one minute to lose my company in all the hustle. So, on my own, I set out to find a good spot to dance and look at what the party has to offer.


I was moving along the mass of people that were walking to and fro, from one party to the next. I saw a guy walking next to me with a guitar hero controller strung on his back, as if he's about to start a plastic rock concert. After a short conversation he turned out to be a newbie so I immediately lost interest in what he had to say. After a short walk I settled myself in a relatively spacious Techno area, and for the reminder of the night I was there, dancing myself to death, sweating to the pumping of the beat as other all around me were, in their own protective drunken cocoon. From time to time I retired for a nearby cold shower at one of the Pools. It was so intensely hot that I even took my short off at some point, something I prefer not doing in a general consideration of the health of the surrounding public, but I was too hot and too drunk to even care anymore.

It went on till 4 am, when my drunken hype was wearing off. I decided to stay sober so that I could control whatever I remember from that night for future reference, so I left Sodom and Gomorrah beach to get my camera.

I don't know, but I like this picture.

As some of my pics show, many people were lying unconscious on the beach and many more were falling down like flies, hammered from the buckets, the beer and the dehydration.

Even the dogs were dead asleep

Some couples were lying or sitting on the beach, kissing, flirting or even having sex... I remember sitting down for a while to rest, and in front of me there was a couple copulating in a most extraordinary way... it wasn't peculiar or anything... it was just beautiful and tender, however weird it sounds...
I stayed up till 7 am, sitting on a plastic chair down smack on the shore, staring for the first time in my life on a sunrise coming up from the sea, As the music was still thumping and people were still dancing all around me, happy and satisfied for a lovely party ending.

Still dancing

The rest of the next day passed unnoticed. I was still feeling a bit sick and cramped, like the rest of my friends, so the most memorable thing I did was to get a brilliant Massage.

Koh-Tao or when I met Pedro
An hour after our arrival, we were already feeling much better, as if the virus was magically removed by our sheer distance from Koh-Phangan. We got into a pretty damn expensive room for my taste, but I didn't mind staying at a Fancy place for a change, since In a few days the Israeli friends would be leaving and I will be staying for some dives. Ah, yes... the Dives.
I booked two dives for the next day. Since I was the only Israeli who was a diver, I was going alone, while the others booked themselves a snorkeling (*snorting!*) trip around the island. I woke up at 6am the next morning, and at 7am we were already heading on the boat for the dives location. On our way there, the instructors became excited over the possibility of a whale shark being spotted, but I didn't take notice, not to get my hopes up too high.

Its been a while since I dived, so I was a bit clumsy with the procedures, from wearing the suit to the adjusting of the weights. The getting off the boat into the water was a bit too hasty for my taste too, and as I was descending the lukewarm waters of the Thai sea, breathing hard, twisting uncomfortably, I saw it, in front of me. The Whale shark.

It only took us about 20 seconds in the waters to spot it swimming close to us. Suddenly I was breathing peacefully, easily positioned on the same level as the Whale shark as he was Passing me and the rest of the divers. For a moment it was so quiet, as if every diver and every other fish in the sea had their lower Jaws dropped to the magnificent sight been laid upon them.
As it was swimming out of sight, everyone were back to their senses, and you could actually feel the glee and the pure joy of the divers. The whale shark kept on coming for hours, and in no time there were at least 120 more divers enjoying the rare sight, and bubbles where everywhere. It was good... Really good. The estimates were that it was about 4 and a half meters long.

Last picture with the Jew crew (Shai, me, Hanania and Eddie)

The next day, on the next 2 dives, I met Pedro. Pedro Alberto Delguy. Pedro, a 33 year old Argentinian commercials director, was to be my dive buddy.

We hit it on quite fast, and I found him to be a very comfortable dive buddy. Moreover, I had the pleasure of his beautiful photos, and not only underwater. He was a camera extraordinaire, and it was really to my benefit. I felt comfortable with him also on the high ground itself, and immediately after our dives I moved in to his bungalow. In no time, we were sitting down to eat, Pedro, me and two more girls who spoke Spanish, Maria and Raquel. I enjoyed their company immensely and on the same night we were partying together, dancing, sweating and having pure fun.

Maria, Raquel, Pedro and I

Unfortunately for Pedro, me and the girls, the weather had turned for the worst since our last dive. We were basically stuck for two days at this cozy restaurant, watching movies and eating burgers just to pass time. I don't remember if I stayed in Koh-tao for either three or four days, but in the end, we decided to join Maria and Raquel on the night boat for Krabi, on the other side of the Thai south.

Krabi, beaches and this feeling inside me

Fish eye pic of the Night Boat

Even though the boat was rocking pretty badly, I decided to start working on the blog. It was a bit awkward I must say, since at that moment I did not have my usual urge for reporting my plights... It was something else... A sensation I've been trying to forget for a while not... the poetical tingling that has been making me write over and over those three annoying dots ever since I was a pimpled teenager. It was Muse. I had it before, and I was only realizing for its worth, just like my old dead pal, Werther the original. we both share the fuel that ignites our muse - the anguish of falling in love. She was sitting opposite of me, gazing outside the window at the cloudy night, as if waiting for something. Our dirty mattresses on the boats floor were next to each other, and Pedro and Maria were already dozing off next to us. I didn't know anything about her, except for the fact that she was 28, and from Brazil, but she speaks Spanish fluently, don't know why. I felt that I'm starting to like her... maybe it was her looks, maybe it was the way she laughed or maybe it was the cute way she yelped "Por Favor" each time Pedro was telling one of his kinky stories. Either way, any thoughts of trying to get to know her better were soon up in flames - In the morning, as the boat arrived its destination, Me and Pedro were separated from the girls due to different bookings of the tickets.

We got to the small town of Krabi at about 8am. We sat down at a small cafe for some breakfast and Internet, and afterwards set out to find a cheap ass place to stay when we spotted the girls again, by sheer luck apparently. Together we found a cheap place by the interesting name of "Rasta Family". After settling down, me and Pedro desired to go to the beaches area, about 40 minutes away, while the girls still didn't know what to do with themselves. It took me and Pedro 5 minutes to jump on the first truck/bus that popped out of nowhere, while leaving Maria and Raquel to their own wanderings. The ride was easy and fun, both of us standing on the railings, talking about this and that and getting to know each other more, as the scenery of the small town was gradually being replaced by huge chunks of limestone towering above us, and lush green was giving way to sand and sea. We were amazed by the simple beauty of Ao-nang beach, with its small tourist shopping streets and the hint of islands and limestone chunks out there on the open sea.
Since we were locked on a destination, we caught on a long boat taxi for Railay beach, which was apparently almost isolated from any inland road access. It didn't take long for us to get to the first stop, Tonsai beach, which was pretty darn gorgeous. Railay beach was at a spitting distance and was even more beautiful (although more expensive).

Since both of us are divers, we sought a dive shop to find about prices, which turned out to be high, higher than Koh-Tao, so we settled for a Snorkeling trip around some four islands that were nearby.

Pedro knows how to get women into position...

The tour was quite delightful, with a lovely company, nice places to see, and an evening dinner on a beautiful beach in the middle of the sea, while watching the sunset.

Told ya`... he really does know....

Pedro and I met these two cute Bavarian girls, and I was really interested in one, till I found out her name was Yosefa, which made the whole thing, just... umm.. wrong... sorry mom!!! no offense.

We knew that there is almost no way to go back this late to Krabi town without getting absolutely without us being completely cheated out of money, so we made up our mind to stay in Tonsai beach for the night, also because it had a small fire festival. So we dropped off at Tonsai, just to catch Maria and Raquel walking next to us. We were all happy for the little get together - they told us about their day, a nice kayak tour on the river, with monkeys and all, and we told them about the beaches and the beautiful sights. We all sat down to watch the fire show, which was pretty damn boring, except from the hula-hoop girl, who was bloody hot (double meaning). At about midnight, me and Raquel were lying on the beach, talking about her life and mine, just exchanging general knowledge about the lives each of us has to go through... mine the army, university and such, her moving from place to place, living in Spain, London and choosing to work as a midwife. Since we were stuck on the beach, we found a cheap place to stay for the night, and each of us retired to our petty looking bungalows.

Morning came, and we took a boat back to Ao-nan beach, on our way to Krabi to get out stuff and spend another day at the beaches nearby. Maria and Raquel already made up their minds to go that same day to Koh-phi phi, so once again we were separated, who knows for how long.

So me and Pedro got our stuff, and got back to Railay beach, and got over to the other side, to a beach called Phrangan, or something like that... it was gorgeous, and almost empty, which made it more gorgeous.

Phrangan beach.

We were lying on the soft sand, looking at the chunks of rocks and rock formations just standing out there, just being beautiful while Wild monkeys were coming from up the trees, yelling for some food or whatever they can steal. We sat there till sunset, which was of course beautiful as well, and then we headed back for Ao-nan, to stay at a cheap place and tour around the touristic place. It was, as expected, touristic, you could find the usual Lady-boyz clubs and hookers, specially made for old British chaps, and the clothing market which was nice but not special. Our night was concluded as we bought a ticket for Phi-Phi island, first thing in the morning.


A view from the dorms

Came morning, as it does on a daily basis, and we were on our way on a cloudy morning towards Phi-Phi Island. Our moods had gone grimmer, just like the weather, who turned into a blazing storm as we reached the pier. We got down and walked the town for a bit, checking out dive prices, while I was waiting to meet an old acquaintance of mine I met in South-Korea, whom I assumed lived on Phi-Phi. As we were walking the streets, I was searching for a specific book I wanted to read, and as I took a closer look at one of the local book-shop, I spotted Maria and Raquel, once again, sitting there and having their coffee. They both looked a bit groggy, apparently after a good night out. They showed us where they stayed, and we booked a place for relatively cheap, and I was soon off to meet my friend Nuni, at the Pier. Apparently she didn't have a lot of time, since she was working at the moment, but It was nice to see her, although I didn't have a lot to say, nor she I might add... But still, it was good seeing her, and seeing her off, and I went back to my room to get a little sleep.

Later that evening Pedro, Maria, a new guy we met called Christoph and I went over to check for a dive shop for tomorrow. We decided to do a triple dive in a wreck and some two other places, even though the prices were a bit high... I guess you're only in Phi-Phi once...

Pedro, Christoph, Steve the instructor, Maria and I

I felt a little sad for the fact that Raquel wouldn't be joining us, since she's the only one who's not a diver.
cooling a bit in the fridge (otherwise known as 7/11)

Again, this blasting morning came, and we were on the boat leading for the dive sites. It was a nice day, a nice ride, a good sun and a nice company. Our instructor, a 20 years old Canadian boy was really nice and easy going, which made the dives even more nice. I was satisfied, feeling smooth and comfortable, and the pics Pedro was producing were really neat.
1. Clown fish, 2. School of fish, 3. Rock fish, 4. Idiot fish

Came evening, and we were bound for a big party that was going on on one of the beaches.

Quickly enough though, I drank too much Chang beer, my Kryptonite, and Raquel found me sleeping in the middle of the road on a chair. Even though I was Claiming I'm absolutely fine, Raquel insisted on carrying me to my room. We got there, finally, and I took a shower, and went out seeing her on the bed. I joined her, practically naked...

It was I, I admit, who kissed her first.

It was her, however, who didn't stop me.

I know I'm gonna get sniped the minute this comes out to the world, But I promised myself I'll be true in this blog, to the very end... and I'm not shy to say that we fooled around, as much as I'm not shy to say that, as I've told in the beginning, that there was no sex involved. I gallantly announced at the beginning of the fooling around part that I have no Condom at my disposal, So the Sex part was excluded... but the kissings and all were much more tender than I ever remembered it to be. I guess the whole lust thing, which I could only hope to have assumed was burning in her bones as much as was in mine, made it more passionate, more forbidden, on the edge of going too far into the foolishness. But we didn't. We, well, I guess she (she was more sober) kept it clean, kept it nice, kept it pure and beautiful, and I enjoyed every minute of it. If you're reading this Raquel, I'm sorry for putting it here, but I just can't help it... It deserves to be printed out to the world, so that people would know how to kiss properly like you did, softly, with a caring touch, a hint of a pierced tongue, a soft hand running up and down my body and gently combing my hair with your fingers while breathing into my ears. It was bliss. I just hope that you enjoyed half as much as I did.

I don't know for how long we did it, but at some point we fell asleep. I was half aware that the door was locked, so Pedro had no where to sleep, though I guessed he had his suspicion and would have made adequate measures.

Morning, that annoying thing with the sun, came once more. I woke up with Raquel in my arms, and for the first time in a long, loong time, I felt happy. We stayed like this for a couple of hours, till Pedro came bursting in the door, which was now open (my fault). Getting up was a bit awkward, and soon the rest of our friends were gathering on the porch, waiting to go do something. Everybody knew it, and We knew they knew it, but of course it felt a bit awkward. For the rest of the day, which was spent on Maya beach (the beach from "The Beach" movie, Bitch!), we acted as if nothing happened... just plain two old friends, talking, hanging out with all the rest, no questions asked... well, except for Pedro who wanted to know every gruesome detail, but that's Pedro and that's why I like him.
Me and Raquel did a little tour of the small island by ourselves, not to find a quiet place and make out mind you, but just to talk and, for my part, to be together... We saw a Giant Iguana if anyone gives a shit... yeah... I thought so...

Oh, yeah... the beach was nice... too dirty for my part, but the view was pretty decent.

Me and Pedro catching off guard a posing girl

Maya Beach

Evening was set upon us, and everyone were fast asleep except me and Raquel. We were walking around town, checking out places and drinking a little. It was a bit weird for me to try to reach for her... Every once in A while I gently caressed her back as a sort of comfort or if we were to go this or that way, but It didn't lead to anything exceptional. The evening came to a halt at one of the beach bars while we were watching a soccer game (Raquel is an astute fan of soccer it appears), all because I fell asleep, again, due to Chang beer, AGAIN!.. so we walked together to our rooms, and as we hugged for a goodbye, knowing that she would be leaving Phi-Phi tomorrow. This time, however, we won't be meeting again, since she was going for a trip in Malaysia, where I can't really follow her. We were holding each other, close... I began kissing her cheeks softly as my bristled beard allowed it, and it quickly became more... Both of us Kissing each other and holding just not to let go, as if an entire day of waiting was bursting up at this concentrated moment... the desire to hold, to kiss, to touch. I felt Happiness, not only for her being with me, but for the realisation that she was as shy as I was, holding back, not knowing exactly what to do with me, with the whole situation, till it all comes out in a blazing moment of wanting, just before it ends abruptly as quickly as it came to us. She offered me to sleep in her bed, even though Maria was snoring softly next to us, but I refused kindly, and sadly. I kissed her one more time, held her a bit more, and parted from her for the night.

In the morning, it all went back to the same awkwardness. We were friends once again, the two of us, just the same as the rest of the group, going to the beach to catch some sun. I was lucky to have Fai and Malcolm, my couch-surfing buddies (remember the last Road trip?) from Bangkok, to come along to Koh-Phi-Phi for a little R&R. So pretty much the same time Maria and Raquel left, Fai and Malcolm replaced them. I hugged Raquel and fared her well, and she told me to keep in touch and send some pics... and then she left... That's it... no turning back and holding each other, no running after her, gripping her hand and embracing her in my arms. she just left. And all was left for me was the same sensation I had while people I cared about left me, or when I left them... Feels like shit.
But friends come and friends go. I still had Pedro, even for one day, and Fai and Malcolm were here now to keep me company. That same evening we went out together, after me and Pedro booked another dive day for his last day in Phi-Phi.
The dives were pretty awesome, although except for a turtle we didn't see anything spectacular... but the schools of fish were brilliant and I felt great under the water, balanced and at ease, even though the instructor (a she) was a pain in the ass.
Extreme underwater Free Hugging!!!

After the dives, The boat headed back for the pier, and I had to say, once again, Good-bye to my dear friend Pedro, after more than a week together as brothers and 7 dives together. I thanked him than and I thank him now for a great time and great pics, which many of them I put here in my own blog. Pedro, I love you man.

That same night, I felt a bit on the wild side, and as Fai and Melcolm wanted a decent night out, I offered myself as a sacrifice for their amusement, and volunteered for the Muai-Thai boxing ring at one of the bars, the Reggea bar. My opponent was a big Polish American fellow named Yatzek... now you can't go wrong with a name like Yatzek... I was about to get beaten, that's for sure.

We got ourselves ready, with the boxer shorts, the gloves and the protective masks, and got right down to business. In perspective, it was fun... back then, it was a nightmare, both phisycally and mentally... I remember his right fist each time it smashed my jaw quite well... and boy what punches he had... My main problem was that his right hand was longer than my own, so I was reduced to use mainly my left arm, which was weaker, but faster, and that's basically why I dealt him quite enough damage, though not enough, since he won in the end, fair and square... He had more stamina and he got more hits. I on the other hand, Broke his nose and chipped his tooth. All I was left with was an aching jaw, that still hurts a bit when I eat. But in total it was fun.

These girls were fighting after us... it was awesome :)

But I'm never doing it again!

Before the match, I did one more spontaneous thing... I asked the Reggae disco bar owner if he had any job available for me as a flyer boy, and he confirmed it and told me to come tomorrow 8pm. I was a bit excited, not because of the money... the money was absolutely ridiculous - 300 baht for 6 hours (4 hours handing out fliers and 2 hours dancing) and all the while drinks are for free. I was a bit excited since it was, well, spontaneous and unbecoming of me... I guess I didn't know when I'll be leaving Phi-Phi so I wanted a small income and an interesting night life to add to the general fun. So tomorrow came, and I was on duty with some three fun girls, handling out fliers, talking to people and the alcohol was pouring like water. Fai and Malcolm were a bit tired so they went to sleep a bit early (I was sleeping the whole day, moaning in pain from lasts night fight). from midnight, I was dancing for a living, and having tons of fun, though it was a bit tiring I have to say.

Morning came. Fai and Malcolm bid me farewell and headed for the pier back to Bangkok. I was left all alone in Phi-Phi. I moved into one of the dorms, a nice little mixed building, in which I met nice people, all from Britain.


I didn't do much that day, since the weather turned a bit sour for my taste, so I just stayed in bed, sleeping and writing till 8pm, when I headed for my job. That day was fun too, but towards the dancing part it became less fun, since the owner, Darkie by the name, ordered me to be the doorman, preventing from people who bought the buckets or drinks inside the disco to go out with them. Why? probably to keep the place kicking and packed. But it didn't make it better. I felt I was once again in my old security job, but this time preventing people from going out with Alcohol, instead of guns and explosive belts. The girls helped me a bit and stayed close so I wouldn't be lonely, but I was hoping not to do it again.

Door man...

It happened again... Darkie really enjoyed my suffering or something, so he told me to do the same the third night. I was gradually getting pissed off at the whole situation, doing something I felt was awful for the meager amount of money that is not really worth it... so I just left in the middle, without getting paid... I just went straight for the dorms to take a nice shower.

That was the end of my working days... only three days... although short, but decisive, and fun in total. I met a lot of people, and got to hang out with those beautiful girls, and drank like a madman. It was worth it, as an experience. But it was the last time, since the day after I was bound for Bangkok, to renew my visa.
The girls and I

Maybe I'll go back to Phi-Phi... I had a good time there, and I really thought I could stay there and do my dive master course while working at one of the dive shops... either way, it'll have to wait to After Cambodia.